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Why 800 years after Christ's death, it was called ... Where was born Orpheus - in Bulgaria in the Rhodope Mountains!and why today is silent on the principles of science Orfeizam - just, humanitarian law to people and nature across Eurasia?Archaeological periods Acheulean or Acheulian, Asturian, Aurignacian, Azilian, Bronze Age, chalcolithic, Châtelperronian, Eneolithic, Gravettian, Helladic, Ice age, Iron Age, La Tène, Levalloisian or Levallois, Magdalenian, Mesolithic, Minoan, Mousterian, Mycenaean, Neo-Babylonian, Neolithic or New Stone Age, Old Babylonian, Palaeolithic or Old Stone Age, Solutrean Archaeological terms acropolis, alignment, arcade, archaeomagnetism or archeomagnetism, barrow, baulk, bifacial, blade, bogman, bracteate, burin, cairn, callais, cartouch or cartouche, caveman, celt, cirque, cist or kist, clovis point, core, cromlech, cross-dating, dolmen, earthwork, eolith, flake, flint, graffito, henge, hillfort, hogback, hut circle, larnax, ley line, microlith, megalith, mound, neolith, obelisk, palmette, palstave, patella, pylon, radiocarbon dating, retouch, robber trench, sondage, souterrain, stela or stele, stone circle, stratigraphy, tribrach, tumulus, vallum If they were not absorbed in state politics or municipal reform, the chances were that they were going in for Central American archaeology, for architecture or landscape-engineering; taking a keen and learned interest in the prerevolutionary buildings of their own country, studying and adapting Georgian types, and protesting at the meaningless use of the word "Colonial.Researchers investigating the mysterious Oak Island, located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, have made a startling announcement regarding the discovery of a Roman ceremonial sword and what is believed to be a Roman shipwreck, radically suggesting that ancient mariners visited North America more than a thousand years before Columbus.Approximately every ten feet (3 m) they dug, they found a layer of logs.After excavating to thirty feet beneath the surface, Mc Ginnis and his friends abandoned the excavation without ever finding anything of significance.Fastest disappearing nation in the world with negative growth more brutal than in Africa !!! Bulgarians are the most ancient genome of this planet - robbed with impunity by criminal capital and interests!

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A few feet beneath the surface, they discovered a layer of flagstone, and the pit walls had markings from a pick.

Bulgarians are known to not prizntavat term slavery.

The only people who did not apply this practice, the violence of man by man!

A shipwreck, believed to be Roman, was found off Oak Island, and within the wreck a well-preserved Roman ceremonial sword was retrieved.

Pulitzer told the Boston Standard that the sword was hauled onto a fishing boat decades ago, but was kept secret because the finder and his son feared they would be punished due to strict laws in Nova Scotia regarding retrieving treasures from shipwrecks.

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