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One of these two options is extremely romantic, while the other is the more typical nightlife option.Her answer to this question will show if she is more of a party-er type of girl or a romantic at heart.Would you rather go out for fine dining or order some pizzas and soda?This is a good way for you to figure out what type of date she would like.If she is just your crush, this type of question is a safe one to ask without being too direct about your feelings.

This flirty would you rather question is designed to see how wild your crush or girlfriend is.They might be rarer today, but there are still photo booths at many malls and festivals. Now, you just need to find the perfect sunny day to go on your adventure.11.You’ve seen them before online—the pictures come out in strips of four pictures and generally have the same designs as Snapchat.10. Would you rather sing to me or play me a song on guitar?A fireworks show could be very romantic, but she might be interested in musicals and the arts.If your interests in life are too divergent, you may need to find a different partner.6.

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