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These restaurants, many of which are helmed by women with extensive experience in Italy, look across the Atlantic for inspiration to deliver seasonal, ingredient-driven, conservatively portioned (and ideally digestible; in Italy, this is a prerequisite for a successful meal) dishes to the city's tables.

After years in fine dining -- including five spent at Chicago's Spiaggia, followed by a tenure at Manhattan's Michelin-starred A Voce and A Voce Columbus -- James Beard Award-nominated chef Missy Robbins has struck out on her own with Lilia, an airy and bright restaurant in Williamsburg.

'I have never, not for one moment, not after the deaths of my parents, not when I felt sorriest for myself, not when I was scared or lost or tired or uncertain, not when I was happy and successful and doing things I never imagined I would do, I have never felt the lack of a family.' A 'precocious' child, the U. Senator says he entertained guests at his family's bar and sipped beer out of patrons' bottles while they were in the restroom.

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Of his sister, Darline, whom he adopted after their parents died, he writes, 'I’m as proud of her as my parents would have been, and as close to her as ever'Both of Graham's parents died when he was still in college, leaving him to take care of his much younger sister, Darline, whom he eventually adopted legally so that she could benefit financially from his military benefits.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 officially ended segregation, but Graham's parents didn't put it into practice in their own establishment 'until the early seventies, much later than it should have' been implemented, he admits.'They knew the way things were in the bar was wrong, and behind the times.

And I think we all knew that allowing it to continue corrupted not just the folks who wanted it to stay that way, or who quietly accepted the inequity but also those who were innocently exposed to it.''She didn’t even think the term was offensive. 'I told her to not say it again, and a little while later, I went to my parents and asked them to make a change. 'The next time a black customer came into the place, my mom opened a bottle of beer, set it down on the bar, and motioned for him to take a stool,' he said.

It was Darline, he reveals in the book, who found their dead father, laying in his bed one day as she prepared to go to school.

An older man who waited until his 40s to have his first child, he'd died of a massive heart attack in his sleep less than two years after his wife lost a battle with lymphoma.

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