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I have tested this container on: I have not yet provided C 11 "move" or initializer_list operations.The only file you really care about looking at is "skip_list.h".In the interests of clarity, and my own sanity, I have called it skip_list.Unlike most skip list implementations, you can iterate bi-directionally.Pete Goodliffe (pete /at/ This is a set of STL-style C skip list containers.

A reference to an element in a deque will refer directly to the element in a 'page'.Thanks STL, Kerrek SB, and Sven Groot for an excellent exercise!up vote 7 down vote favorite 3 Just now, I'm reading Josuttis' STL book.Or does the phrase mean, that I can't be sure about iterators equality to begin() or end() and overflow?Also, I wanna mention, that after erase() all iterators and references stay valid (except the erased one :-) ).

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