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She had begun the change to a woman many years ago but still retained one piece of her born anatomy.

However her breasts were completely fake and pushed up rather sluttily in the leather maid Yes thank you slut. I take it you did what I asked of you today and behaved yourself?

1 regularly and with the 5 stiletto heels she had on she towered over Sam.

However Krystal was not a regular woman, or a regular maid she was in fact half man currently.

Getting out of her car she grabbed her purse and bag and headed into the house.

Unlocking the door and walking in she shut the door and turned back to find the maid finishing up some last minute tidying.

Walking into the bathroom she washed her hands and looked in the mirror.

Her house being the first big thing she bought after nursing school.

She was still undecided about Medical school to become a doctor but knew either way in the next couple of years she would begin working on her Masters.

Her body had once not been perfect but after years of hard work she was finally proud of it.

It was toned and smooth and decorated with piercings and tattoos.

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