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I had to get counselling for six months after I left.

He had us all painting, decorating, cleaning his new house.‘I’ve cleaned his bathroom – they convince you that you are respecting and honouring your pastor by doing these things.’A pastor who left in May of this year said: ‘If you went along tomorrow you would find genuine, lovely people.

Yet for all the fervour the church, which raised nearly £1 million in a single year, is facing claims it uses religion to pressure volunteers.

Angry former members have complained about the way the church is run – and warned others to stay away.

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Horrific.’Even while working for free, Ms Summers handed over 10 per cent of her income.

I was just like a little optimistic puppy, running in there going, “Love me”.‘I felt like he had access to the destiny of my soul, like he had a red telephone to God. When asked to discuss the claims of the former members, he said: ‘I don’t think we’re running it like a cult. We don’t have high expectations in terms of hours and volunteering.‘We’re not controlling, we don’t control people’s lives.

I was soon working for free 60, 70 hours a week.’She added: ‘I went to him as my pastor with some really private information about my relationship. If people want to leave, we give them the free choice to leave.’Mr Cask admitted he had asked volunteers to clean his house, saying it had been done as an exercise in ‘servanthood’.

It’s about me helping them to move their lives forward.

All humanity needs to learn the art of serving to move their lives forward.’Asked about requesting tithes, Mr Cask said: ‘That’s not me, that’s a Bible teaching. I teach people that generosity moves your life forward and would encourage any person that generosity opens up opportunity for you.‘There are loads of people in church, I’m the servant leader.

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